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Pat's Easy Change Hitch - exclusive to Farmbitz, the sole international representative for Pat's.   

We recommend Pat's Easy Change Hitch for its strength, reliability and ease of fitting and use. We are farmers and we use them on our tractor. Our recommendation comes from experience. We have been using the Easy Change Hitch for over 7 years.

How to choose the correct fittings for your Tractor

Hitches are specific to the category of your tractor, and are not interchangeable. A Category 1 tractor uses a Category 1 hitch and so on.

Tractors are classed in 5 separate groups - called categories.
This is a very old standard measure defined by Massey Ferguson in the 1920s.

A Cat 0 is a very small lawn tractor. The next four categories are approximately the Horse Power listed below, but can be more, or even less, powerful than the chart states.
You need to measure the lift pin/ball end hole as this is the only measurement that is relevant to tractor attachments and accessories.
Please note that any hitches or accessories are made for specific pin/ball end sizes and are not interchangeable
Be aware that there are a few tractors that have a ball with both Cat 1 & Cat 2 holes in them. If your ball end has this type of swivel ball then you will need a Cat 2 hitch.

Tractor Categories

To find out which category your tractor is please measure the diameter of the hole in the ball end of your lift arms. This is easier than measuring the diameter of the lift pin. 

If you are not 100% sure about the correct category of your tractor please call us to discuss.

Pat's Easy Change Hitch comes in 2 styles.

  1. The Easy Change model which is removable
  2. The Weld-on which is welded and is recommended for lift arms where
    i.  the ball-end is compromised, and you wish to remove it,
    ii. you want to add length onto your lift arm without replacing the lift arm
    iii. as a hitch for front end loaders - to be welded in the front of your tractor

Here are the measurements for the hitches - be aware that the hitches will add length to your lift arms. You will need to check that you have enough overlap on your PTO shaft for the added length, and that your top link has sufficient wind out. If you do not, we have a range of excellent heavy duty PTO extensions, knuckles and replacement lift arms.

Pat's Easy Change Hitch Stabiliser Bar

Pat's Easy Change Hitch Stabiliser Bar

Pat's Easy Change Hitch Stabiliser Bar makes it Easy to line up implements for hookup. Just mark the bar with the different widths of your implements, then easily adjust as you change implements. One size fits all Cat 1, 2 & 3 Hitch combinati..

AUD35.00 Ex Tax: AUD31.82

Pat's Easy Change Replacement Springs

Pat's Easy Change Replacement Springs

Replacement Springs for Easy Change Hitch. Used to secure Lift latch Kit contains 2 x Springs  10mm x 50mm long 2 x split pins/cotter pins 3mm x 25mm long ..

AUD5.50 Ex Tax: AUD5.00

Lynch Pin Washers  Cat 1 or Cat 2 - pair

Lynch Pin Washers Cat 1 or Cat 2 - pair

Lynch Pin Washer set of 2Simple genius Lynch Pin Washer protects your Lynch pins from bending or dropping off  when loading or operating with 3PL implementsCat #1 and Cat#2 available.Lynch pins are not included.Lynch pins are available as a Pack..

AUD4.00 Ex Tax: AUD3.64

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